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38 = 0


"In 38 years we have not lost a single customer. Excellent results, good business and satisfied employees. What does that mean? Red alarm. Something is not right. A system that works today will certainly not work in five years. It is time for changes in the organization, values, culture, strategy and mind-set of the company," said Ana Laura Rednak. She is the executive director at Skaza and was invited to talk at a two-day conference IBM SEE BusinessConnect 2016 in Budapest.

Sabina Alihodžić (Skaza), Nikolaos Dimitriadis and Ana Laura Rednak (Skaza)

IBM SEE BusinessConnect 2016 Budapest conference gathered businessmen from all over Europe. In short speeches they presented their views on the new era of technology, thinking, and consequences for the business. They discussed how innovation and partnership between enterprises are changing the traditional business logic, and the future that they see in cognitive technology.

"38 = 0 is a great achievement and we ask ourselves why should we change something that works. Why should we change a system which is extremely successful? Because we dare to be different. We cherish history as a great teacher and we learn from experiences we have gained during all these years. But we already focus on the future, which includes several new and innovative products from smart and environmentally friendly plastic. To change the organizational culture of the company is the first and only correct step, which will lead us to another successful 38 years," added Rednak, who also gives great importance to the knowledge transfer at such important business conferences.