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Skaza News

12 Dec 2023

The Creators for Centuries: Tanja Skaza Receives Award for the Second Time for Contribution to Women's Entrepreneurship Development

Tanja Skaza was awarded the prestigious prize for her outstanding contribution to the development of women's entrepreneurship in Central and Southeastern Europe. Among 107 candidates from nine ...
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11 Dec 2023

Book Spremembe vredna encourages the first steps towards living the life you desire

This year's World Congress of Entrepreneurs, "Creators for Centuries," hosts successful and sustainably oriented companies, municipalities, and distinguished international experts from the Balkans ...
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8 Dec 2023

Skaza at the World Congress Creators for Centuries in Dubrovnik

The World Entrepreneur Congress, named Creators for Centuries, is hosting exceptional sustainably oriented businesses from the Balkans, municipalities, and esteemed international experts this year. ...
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6 Dec 2023

Skaza Receives TOP Investor in Education Certificate

Skaza, the recipient of the TOP Investor in Education certificate, is delighted to announce that we have received the 2023 certification from PLANET GV, a leading education company. This prestigious ...
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5 Dec 2023

Santa Claus and Bakery Miš Maš enthralled the children of our colleagues

The pre-Christmas gifting for the children of Skaza's employees was a fairy-tale experience that unfolded in the enchanting atmosphere of the Cultural Center in Velenje. The venue came to life with ...
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