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Interesting Facts About Plastics - Part 2


Plastics is much more than just plastic bottles and other plastic packaging. Plastics are synthetic and semi-synthetic materials that simplify our lives and improve them. Read some interesting facts from the world of plastics. Part 2.

5000 km of roads build of plastic waste

Rajagopalan Vasudevan, an Indian teacher of chemistry known as 'Plastic Man of India' has built more than 5000 km of roads with plastic waste.

41,35% smart meters in Europe made in Skaza

41,35% smart meters in Europe contain plastic housings made at Skaza.

Plastic roofs to protect football fans

Many football stadia in France have lightweight translucent plastic roofs, which protect fans against rain and bring natural light to the lawn.

Plastics for medicine products

More than 50% of all medicine products worldwide are made of plastics.

From 0.2 g to 6 kg

Weight of injection-moulded plastic products made in Skaza ranges from 0.2 g to 6 kg.

Plastic for broken bones regeneration

Researchers at Texas A&M University have developed a spongy plastic that could help regenerate broken bones.

Reducing weight of planes with plastics

High tech plastics help to reduce the weight of the plane while maintaining lower cabin pressure at higher altitudes. This ensures passengers to fly more comfortably.

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