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Knowing your buyers is what is most important


From the customer’s point of view, the design and material play an essential role in the final product. They mirror the company's vision, its attitude towards the aesthetics and respect to customer. A product is the reflection of a company’s creativity and hard work of their experts on the utility and benefits that a product provides to the user.

Skaza solutions and products are the result of increasingly diverse needs and high expectations of modern customers that are meticulously recorded in lifestyle research. We often engage our customers in conversations and arrange meetings, we receive and analyse their recommendation and guidelines; we listen to their wishes and expectations. Some, we even include in creating solutions with us.

With a mind for beauty and style, Skaza products are characterised by attention to detail. We love them tall, smooth, elegant lower, or shorter, practical, playful and adorned with graphics. Or spherical. People love colours. Strong or gentle, pastels, in combinations, or white, our favourite. Often, we’ll opt for clear shades, other times opaque. Green, blue, red, pink, yellow or natural shades.

Alongside the tactile and tangible, however, our products also include sensuousness and warmth. A deeply integrated awareness and responsibility about the fact that we all want every new day on Earth to be better than the last one. That is why we do not compromise when it comes to using new materials based on natural resources. We are the allies of nature, and so are our buyers. This is our story that brings us closer to our users, a story of us as well as them.

The buyer is always the focus of our efforts. They are our inspiration, motivation, and also the biggest critics and trend setters. The buyer is entrusted our product, helping them become part of the global community tasked with sustainable development and responsible management of the environment. This is our join responsibility, our mission sincere belief.

We want to thank all of our current and future buyers for helping us strive for a better world.
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We look forward to meeting you. 
Staša Mlekuž, Area Sales Manager