Skaza celebrates 40th anniversary | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

Skaza celebrates 40th anniversary


40 years ago a family company Plastika Skaza was founded in Velenje, Slovenia. Today, Skaza belongs to a group of the most successful Slovenian companies and has more than 300 employees. On Thursday, 25 May 2017 Skaza will host a special event to celebrate this anniversary.

Four decades of history will be officially celebrated with a strategic conference where the future of our company will be discussed among our employees and our guests from all over Europe. They will talk about the circular economy and nature and human-friendly plastic materials. The whole event will be concluded with a special evening event.

How to optimize the supply chain?
Special emphasis at the strategic conference will focus on the supply chain in a manufacturing company and its optimization. A well-designed system that combines supplier, purchasing, manufacturer and distribution channels to the final customer is bringing a lot of benefits for all participants in it.

Let's continue!
Proud of our history and roots, we look forward to the future. At 40 years of new opportunities, experiences, beauty and goals. Let's continue!