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Skaza is a local community friendly company


Plastika Skaza received a special award for the local community-friendly company at Golden stone (Zlati kamen) conference. This special award, given in the joint project Good Company by the Golden Stone and the SBC - Slovenian Business Club, recognizes our company for our important contribution to the development of the wider community at the local level. We demonstrate that with our sustainable orientation, numerous socially responsible projects and innovative solutions that are friendly to people, communities and nature.

At the conference, Zlati kamen and the SBC Club of Slovenian Entrepreneurs solemnly announced the winner of their joint project, Good Company, which aims to build bridges between businesses and municipalities. The organizers rewarded Skaza with the title local community-friendly company. We convinced them with our original and comprehensive contribution to the development of the wider community at the local level.
As one of Europe's most inspiring companies, we put sustainable focus and social responsibility at the heart of our operations. In the last one we focus on both our employees, who are mostly from the local community, as well as on the wider community and environment.

The organizers also recognized our efforts and, in the explanation of the award, highlighted our traditional run Child to Child, which brings together children from all over Slovenia in charity, while promoting a healthy lifestyle in cooperation with the local athletic club and sports association. We also support the wider community through numerous donations and sponsorships, with particular praise in selecting local projects. An example of good practice Žegnan studenec project was highlighted (exposed). This aims to provide an additional source of drinking water for the municipality of Rečica ob Savinji. In addition to various activities for employees and assistance to young people, the organizers also placed great emphasis on our strong environmental awareness. In our industry, we are leading the use of eco-friendly materials and operate according to the principles of the circular economy, while almost entirely producing energy for our operation.

All these activities contribute to a better quality of life in the local environment, while at the same time these are very meaningful business practices that also benefit the company. And this is what is most typical for Skaza: social responsibility is so intertwined with the company's business goals that both components are practically inseparable,” they wrote.

On receiving the award, CEO Bart Stegeman announced that we will continue to invest in people and the community in the future, acting on the principles of sustainable development, highlighting their efforts to promote bio-based products in the electrical and furniture industries as well. “At Skaza, we are aware that achieving social change begins with ourselves, so we have dedicated our mission to developing innovative products and solutions that positively impact the environment and contribute to meeting societal challenges. We are proud of the recognition given to the local community-friendly company, which confirms that we are on the right track. "