Skaza won the award Regional Gazelle 2016 | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

Skaza won the award Regional Gazelle 2016


On Thursday, October 6, company Plastika Skaza won the award Regional Gazelle 2016 for the fastest growing company in Savinjsko-zasavska region. Due to the fact that our competitors were another two excellent companies Petre and Mega M, we are very proud for winning this award.

As Skaza’s executive director Laura Rednak pointed out when giving the speech, Plastika Skaza is a very customer oriented company. "We agree with customer being the king and our great employees are building solid bridges between our customers and Skaza. By doing that, we are turning our customers into our business partners," said Rednak.

Laura Rednak with co-workers: Mateja Plesec, Vesna Bobar, Danijel Kuzmanović, Davorin Mesarič Barbara Kitek, Teja Povhe Slamar, Laura Rednak, Polona Tratnik and Klara Slemenik

Skaza wants to work with everyone who is ambitious

Since the organizers of this year’s event wanted to link successful Slovenian companies with young scholars, the Regional Gazelles award ceremony took place at the School Center Celje. Rednak and Matija Laznik, 4th year student of mechatronics, also discussed youth employment in Slovenia. Rednak emphasized that Skaza invites everyone, who is ambitious enough to come work with us, because we are aware of the fact we can only achieve our high set goals with great ambitious employees.

"If you set yourself high goals and are determined to do anything what it takes for your goals to be achieved, someday you will succeed. I myself am the best proof of that. During working for Skaza I achieved a lot, despite the fact that I am not related to the Skaza family. This also proves that in Skaza everything is possible,"

After winning the Golden Gazelle in 2014, Skaza again is on a hunt for this trophy

In 2014, Plastika Skaza has already won the award for the fastest growing company in Slovenia – the Golden Gazelle. In 2016, for the second year in a row Skaza won the Regional Gazelle for Savinjsko-zasavska region. The winner of the Golden Gazelle 2016 will be chosen among six Regional Gazelles and will be known on 19 October.